Each Gift Directly Helps a Child

Monthly Recurring Donation

As a donor, you want to know that your gift will be used for its intended purpose. In this section, you can learn about how you and CASA make a difference, the cost per child and even some real examples of children you can help.

Cost Per Child served by CASA.
It costs approximately $1000 a year (or $84 a month) to advocate for one child. Even with volunteer advocates there are costs associated. Read More

Making a Difference
With a financial gift, you can ensure that the life of an abused or neglected child is positively impacted by a CASA Guardian ad litem (GAL) who will speak up for the child’s best interest in court. Every day abused and neglected children enter an overwhelming court system where judges and magistrates must make decisions that will determine their future. CASA volunteers fill a vital role by thoroughly researching each child’s case and advocating for the child’s best interest in court. People of all ages and walks of life serve as CASA volunteers. Your generous support will allow us to increase the number of children we serve. Read More

Positive Impacts and Benefits of Donating
Your donations of time, talents, or treasures to CASA of Franklin County directly benefit abused and neglected children. Read More

This Could Be the Child You Help
Each child served by CASA has a unique story, as do the volunteer GALs. The donations received help both recruit volunteers and serve children. Each day, CASA must choose between children as we do not have enough resources and volunteers to serve all who need us. How would you decide? Read More

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