Making a Difference

With a financial gift, you can ensure that the life of an abused or neglected child is positively impacted by a CASA Guardian ad litem (GAL) who will speak up for the child’s best interest in court. Every day abused and neglected children enter an overwhelming court system where judges and magistrates must make decisions that will determine their future. CASA volunteers fill a vital role by thoroughly researching each child’s case and advocating for the child’s best interest in court. People of all ages and walks of life serve as CASA volunteers. Your generous support will allow us to increase the number of children we serve.

Monthly Recurring Donation

What If Not CASA
Often, money is the only thing keeping us from helping more children. The cost of advocating for a child is approximately $1000 a year. This covers the cost of recruiting, training and supporting our volunteers – volunteers who are committed to stopping the generational cycle of violence that robs children of their capacity to trust in the hope of a positive future.

Our program and volunteers allow us to “make a difference.” But, what if NOT CASA?

Child abuse and neglect really is a community issue that impacts future generations. Children who are robbed of their future due to abuse and neglect may not recover, may not develop the skills and emotions necessary to fit in or be productive members of society. In a world where adults have let them down, they dont develop trust or social skills. Some shut themselves off, others develop coping, defense skills, and behaviors to “survive.” However, these behaviors can land them in jail or worse.

Research finds that 1 out of every 3 incarcerated adults report having been abused as children. In Franklin County that means as many as 700 prisoners who had joy taken from them prematurely, who lost trust as children may never have ended up behind bars. As tax payers it costs $25,000 a year to house just one adult prisoner. That equates to $17.5 million for 700 prisoners in a year.

Without CASA, fewer children get the best possible advocacy.

When it only takes $1000 a year to advocate for an abused or neglected child, or $700,000 for 700 children, thats an investment in our community’s future.

Money and volunteers are the only things keeping us from helping more children… and strengthening our community.