This Could Be the Child You Help

Each child served by CASA has a unique story, as do the volunteer GALs. The donations received help both recruit volunteers and serve children. Each day, CASA must choose between children as we do not have enough resources and volunteers to serve all who need us. How would you decide?

Monthly Recurring Donation

To help show the range and a sample of those benefiting from a gift to CASA, here is a sample of 5 volunteers, and the children on each of their cases:

Female Volunteer, age 46, Caucasian, employed as a process improvement specialist, is working on a case with a 5 year old girl who was sexually abused by her mothers boyfriend. The child is doing well in a wonderful foster home, with a paternal grandmother seeking custody. Mother is currently non-cooperative with the agency.

Male Volunteer, age 31, Caucasian, employed as a financial analyst is working on a case with a 5 year old boy who was sexually abused by an older brother [who is placed out of the home with relatives]. There is also another teen-aged brother who has serious mental health issues. Both boys are in need of treatment and counseling, especially because their family life is chaotic due to unemployment and parental substance abuse problems. We are hoping to keep the boys at home.

Female Volunteer, age 62, Caucasian, a retired school nurse, is working on a case with a 2 year old boy who came into the court system with allegations of severe physical abuse. The abuser is incarcerated and the child is residing with foster parents. He is happy, well-cared for and his recovery has been amazing. He has weekly visits with his Mother and has a guardian to help represent her.

Female Volunteer, age 32, African American, employed as an account supervisor, is working on a case with 5 children, ages 10 to 5, who came into the court system with allegations of physical abuse. Children are currently all together in foster care and are set to be placed together with a great aunt and uncle in the near future. The children are all doing well and so happy that they have been able to remain together.

Male Volunteer, age 44, African American, employed as a property manager, is working on a case with 2 girls, ages 1 and 9, who came into the court system with allegations of neglect and dependency. The complaint alleges that Mother left the children at home unattended for long periods of time and that she has a history of drug abuse. The children are living with their respective fathers and doing very well. They see each other regularly and also have visits with their Mother.